Stephen Buckhout, Secretary, Toasters-R-Us Toastmasters Club


Pieter and I served as co-presidents of a Toastmasters International club in a successful effort to revive a high-performing group that was experiencing declining membership and wavering enthusiasm for conducting transformative meetings. As two of the longer-term members of the club, it was obvious to us that the club had declined significantly from when it had been one of the best performing clubs in the area. We knew it would take more work to revive the club than either of us could afford to invest but, after determining that attempting to revive the club was worth the effort, agreed to share responsibility for an attempt at regaining its former vibrancy. Pieter assumed the role of external president, interfacing with other local clubs and the Toastmasters infrastructure while I became the internal president, hosting meetings and coordinating a team of officers focused on revitalizing the club.

Turnover in Toastmaster clubs is constant; our club relied on semi-annual open houses to provide a continuing supply of potential new members. At one training session Pieter attended, he was challenged to imagine the most successful open house he could. He wished for a very powerful speaker to demonstrate to attendees what they could achieve with the help of the Toastmasters program. Pieter brought that idea back to the club which refined it, identifying our preferred speaker, a long shot, the International President of Toastmasters. We sent our request out, but it seemed to go nowhere since we received no response. Pieter persisted and we succeeded in getting him to attend and speak at our event.

The open house went very well, drawing many local Toastmasters eager to meet the head of the organization, as well as a number of potential new members, several of whom have rejuvenated the group, not only restoring our reputation as a high-performing club but extending the club’s influence by producing several individuals active in Toastmaster activities beyond the club level. Thanks to Pieter’s ability to dream big and turn that dream into an achievable goal, our club survived and prospered and now promotes the success of the Toastmasters organization regionally.


September 1,2016

RE: Dr.Pieter Kark, MD

I have known Dr.Pieter Kark since 2008, and witnessed his work on the Abilities United Board of Directors. In addition to his service as a board member, he also served as the committee chair for the Operations Review Committee.

During his tenure, Pieter’s passion for service, enthusiasm for collaboration and accountability, and his insightful leadership style have all greatly benefitted the organization and those withinit. He consistently demonstrated strength,understanding and initiative in assessingthe skiffs and weaknesses withina team, and provided instrumental guidance and structure, helping ensure both alignment and momentum forward.

Early in his tenure, he led a team through a detailed assessment and analysis of organizational need and criticallacks, through the strategic planning process. Additionally, Pieter provided sound support and guidance, post-analysis,inthe execution of recommendations. Conflict resolution and risk analysis are areas of particular strength.He is solutions-focused and results-oriented, as aleader.

Time and time again,Pieter was instrumental In facilitating growth, and in bringing diverse, complex teams together to find common ground and consensus on a way forward. His proactive and engaging coaching style and in-depth understanding of interpersonal dynamics is unmatched, and serves as a pillar for both organizations and the professionals within them.

To top it off, Pieter is an absolute pleasure to work with. I would be honored to provide any further details about Pieter’s brilliant skillset or previous projects, upon request.


Sheraden Nicholau

Regional Manager, Bay Area Office

State Councilon Developmental Disabilities 1515 Clay St.,Ste. 300

Oakland,CA 94612


“The Council advocates, promotes & implements policies and practices that achieve self-detetminalion, independenceproductivity & Inclusion in all aspects of community life for Californians with developmental disabilities and their families.”


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Patrick Romzek

Vice President, Worldwide Cloud Strategy and Enablement at CiscoAbilities United

I worked with Pieter on the Operations Committee of the Board of Directors for Abilities United…  for several years. Pieter… has keen business and leadership insights. He… led the committee and organization through a very challenging time. His… insights on organization and leadership behaviors and his strong ability to lead through influence was instrumental in the success of the committee and organization… He would be a strong contributor in any leadership role and is a real pleasure to work with…


Stephanie Charlespkark_american_red_cross
Mass Care Lead at Red Cross – Palo Alto Area Chapter

…Pieter …took a Red Cross training class …. I was struck at his active participation…[then] he took ownership of a k Red Cross drill. He.. figured out a better way of doing it. …[when] our Red Cross chapter merged with another, …he volunteered to scribe…his meeting notes were so excellent that he’s become everyone’s favorite scribe… has made many valuable observations … demonstrating thoughtfulness and an awareness of how people respond to …situations and different communications styles. This has been invaluable in the potentially contentious merger discussions. His sense of humor…  keep[s] everything in perspective… when Pieter gets involved … he not only does it in excellent fashion, …he also applies intelligence, perspective, and humor…

April 19, 2009, Stephanie worked directly with Pieter at the American Red Cross

Mary Hiland, Ph.D., President, Hiland & Associates and Hiland Consulting

I … had the pleasure of working with [Pieter]while he was serving on the Board of Abilities United….  I observed Pieter …work in many subtle but powerful ways to engage people in important conversations, …bridge and unify different viewpoints, …while collaborating and promoting teamwork. He provided critical leadership and insight that … bridge[d] communication between the Board and the staff during months of …strategic planning process. Pieter has a unique ability to bring people together while challenging them to think creatively and bring their best selves to the conversation. Pieter demonstrated over and over his skills in achieving collaboration among diverse players with varying viewpoints. He is the first person I think of when help is needed with interpersonal dynamics …in an organization or team that are tense and unproductive. His skills, intelligence and sensitivity are a unique and powerful combination.

June 29, 2016 Mary worked with Pieter at Abilities United.

Ronald Brown
Startup CEO, CPG and Tech Marketer, Author
Pieter is uniquely qualified as a team and business coach. His specialty is alignment and increased performance. He understands the science behind… personal dynamics… read[s] situations quickly and accurately, and provide[s] recommendations that have impact. His background and experience, rare among business coaches, gives him tremendous credibility with C-level executives..his open and outgoing style makes him easy to approach and easy to talk to at all levels. His workshops are as entertaining as they are effective.

August 10, 2011, Ronald  worked with Pieter at ProMatch

Sandra Clark
LinkedIn Training | Consulting | Coaching | Speaking | Profile Optimizer ►►► Transforming LinkedIn Profiles for Results
Pieter has wonderful skills in coaching people, facilitating workshops, writing workshops, and getting teams to align and function well. I …benefited from his coaching and …workshops…[and]  his complete curriculum rewrite for …courses which were well received. He[.]s the first person I thought of when asked to refer someone extremely skilled in working with deeply troubled teams and moving them into a healthier and more productive work environment.

August 11, 2011, Sandra worked with Pieter at ProMatch

Elaine Tsai
Communications Director, LIST Sotheby’s International Realty
I have a tremendous …respect for Pieter as a colleague, mentor, and coach. Pieter is a multi-talented individual… possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills which he willingly shares …. He is highly skilled at pinpointing underlying causes of problems, analyzing information quickly, and creating constructive solutions efficiently.
Pieter truly cares about the well-being of others … which sets him apart from…peers. He is a master of communication,… and has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership skills…. Pieter took the initiative to revamp, re-create, and facilitate seminars on career building skills …[for] over 200 job seekers…initiated and led an innovative workshop on breaking through barriers in the job search…  consistently exhibited an exemplary level of professionalism, and…a  mentor to many.
…Pieter was instrumental … [for my]…  craft[ing] targeted resumes and cover letters… has an acute eye for detail and organization, insight into what companies are looking for, and …motivating and instilling self-confidence….

August 17, 2011, Elaine worked directly with Pieter at ProMatch and afterwards