Background for Resolving Internal Conflicts

Pieter is Founder and CEO of Business Team Solutions. He was educated ar Oxford and Harvard medical schools with honors;Canturbury arches






certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and trained in the Avatar® Courses: Avatar, the Masters Course, the Professional Course, and the Wizards Course; and he is  a Licensed Avatar Master. These courses teach effective tools of consciousness.

He resolved internal conflicts at Oxford, and continued to do so throughout his medical training and medical career, as detailed on other pages of this website.

Marika O’Baire-Kark is Chief Avatar Officer of Business Team Solutions. She was graduated in nursing with honors from Ellis Hospital/Schenectady College and Russell Sage College in Upstate New York, as Master of Science Health Science from Touro University International, California summa cum laude; and as Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco summa cum laude. She worked on inpatient nursing units in intensive care and mental health in several cities on each coast and earned nursing certifications in medical-surgical and mental health nursing. She was trained in the Avatar® Courses: Avatar, the Masters Course, the Professional Course, and the Wizards Course; she is a Licensed Avatar Master, and is CEO of Create What You Prefer – Avatar in  Central Florida.

She retired from inpatient work at Stanford Hospitals and Clinics and joined Business Team Solutions in 2016.

What do we do and how do we do it?

The skills of consciousness  learned in the Avatar®  Courses and Avatar Advanced Courses (see and, added to Pieter’s early experience often lead us to success in hours and days instead of what had been weeks and months.

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For example,

Pieter has a reputation for providing a quiet presence in board rooms, committee rooms, and council rooms facilitates calm, effective productivity. Marika has a reputation for dealing superbly with complex patients with both medical-surgical and mental health issues and also for calming the other staff working with her on inpatient wards.

Pieter enabled modernizing NY state law about dying patients by creating consensus from conflict in the New York State Medical Society.

Pieter resolved conflicts in the NYS DMV Medical Advisory Board by exploring the reasons behind differences  and coaching people on the two sides without making anyone feel wrong so  unanimous recommendations were sent to the DMV. Marika resolved many conflicts between patients and staff, between differing members of the staff, and between staff and administration in the hospitals in which she worked.

Pieter worked on 20 teams teaching 1500 professionals to train their colleagues in compassionate end-of-life care.  Marika world with him on several of these teams. Pieter co-authored  89 medical and ethical papers by coaching individuals and teams. Marika authored or co-authored several research papers, poems, and novels; coached others in preparing research papers, worked on hospital councils, writing handbooks for inpatient nursing services, teaching about the nursing Magnet program, and educating nurses to write effective exemplars for promotion. She represented the International Women Writers’ Guild at the United Nations General Assembly in 2002 and was given an award by disabled veterans for creating and then co-hosting a televised nursing conference day on Aging.

By a quiet, neutral presence, Pieter inspired the major committees engaged in merging two Red Cross Chapters despite conflicting opinions;Red Cross Truck







and he worked on the Board of Directors of  Abilities United (non-profit in Palo Alto) in the same way. Abilities United


ToastmastersLogoColorThumbnailHe motivated failing clubs in Toastmasters to inspire themselves to high-performance and success. The clubs flourish years later. Marika successfully governed six Toastmaster clubs and mentored a new club.

What is the outcome?

Our work improves cooperation and happiness, and motivates people to serve others.

Pieter also advises and coaches senior executives how to do these things for themselves and for their own company.

If your productivity or profits are getting sluggish, let’s discuss our exploring the issue with you, reporting back to you, and resolving  the issue quickly and effectively so your profits are restored or improved.

You don’t need a permanent addition to your budget, so when you feel we’ve succeeded, we’ll happily leave. After that, we’ll gladly teach you or other leaders in your company to resolve any future internal conflicts themselves. The cost is far less than having BTS return to resolve a future issue.

For more information about us and our approach, see the other pages in this website and its blog ( and also

You can contact us using the WordPress Comments box.

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