Resume: Risk Management; Resolution of Conflicts within Organizations

Resume Business Team Solutions

Pieter Kark, MD                                                                                                   Tel: 650.762.6755

1651 North CR 19A, Apt 705                                                         

Eustis, FL 32726                                                             



  • 57 years’ experience developing and improving resolution of internal conflicts
  • Consults for effective risk management of conflicts within companies and non-profits:
    • resolves conflicts,
    • teaches C-level executives or Board members to do it
      • thereby reversing the problems
      • producing profit, creativity and productivity.
    • Finds alignment underlying internal conflicts,
    • motivates ineffective and new teams to inspire themselves to high-performance,
    • coaches executives to handle emotionally difficult situations,
    • re-aligns dysfunctional people to the goals of the organization.
    • Discerns underlying nature of
      • problems
      • potential solutions
    • motivates alignment and success.
    • With other members of AchieveCorp, diagnoses corporations’ cultural gaps and collaborates with corporations to close the gaps.


  • Improved state law by resolving conflict
  • trained 1500 experts to train colleagues in end-of-life care
  • authored 89 medical/ethical papers by coaching.
  • Reputation for dealing successfully even with toxic people and with turbulent problems
  • Reputation for inspiring people of many backgrounds, cultures, and positions
    • to tackle thorny issues
    • and solve them quickly and ably.

Core competencies

  • Risk management for toxic or turbulent internal conflicts
  • Improving a company’s profit and a non-profit’s effectiveness
    • by resolving problems
      • in creativity
      • and productivity
    • Finding the alignment underlying internal organizational conflict
    • Analyzing and repairing cultural gaps in organizations
    • Organization development/leadership
    • Executive coaching
    • Reconciling cultural diversity
    • Technology of consciousness
    • Facilitating seminars and workshops
    • Editing, writing, public speaking


  • Certified, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology;
  • Trainer of Trainers (Facilitator), Education for Physicians (Professionals) in End-of-life Care;
  • Licensed Avatar® Master delivering courses in Technology of Consciousness;
  • Fellow, American College of Physicians (FACP)
  • Fellow, American Academy of Neurology (FAAN)

Professional experience

  • E&I Independent Review Board, Corte Madera, CA   2012-present
  • Physician/Scientist on Independent Review Board for human research
    • protecting subjects’ rights
    • mitigating risks from harm
  • Business Team Solutions, Proprietor, Consultant/Coach                                    2010 – present
  • Created alignment, exposed hidden agenda in nonprofit to resolve toxic dispute
  • Coached biotech enterprise to improve applications for IRB, FDA approvals
  • Coached new teams in three separate non-profits to inspire themselves to high-performance
  • ProMatch (Nova/Connect!/EDD), Sunnyvale, CA                            2010-2011

Volunteer: Facilitation Team; Co-Lead: Problem-Solution-Results & Resumes Team; Author & Presenter, Workshop on Reducing Stress                              

  • Assured > 100 professionals had effective resumes by
    • re-writing presentation and handouts for Targeting Your Resume Workshop
      • to create exciting Summary statements
        • by facilitating workshops
        • and coaching one-on-one.
      • Ensured > 150 professionals created lists of
        • solid Problem-Solution-Result statements
        • and effective resumes
          • by facilitating workshops
          • and coaching one-on-one.
        • Trained >150 professionals to facilitate
          • by co-facilitating Facilitation Skills Workshops.
        • Trained >100 professionals to reduce stress quickly and effectively.
        • Enterprise Resiliency Group (ERG), Silicon Valley Senior Partner                 2009-2014
        • Created Group by bringing 6 experts into a cohesive emergency and disaster-planning team,
        • and found non-profit healthcare beta-test site;
        • Wrote 32-page report of prioritized suggestions to healthcare non-profit,
          • by leading core team and 6 others through successful beta-test in minimal time
          • and resolving conflicts among the team so report was unanimous.
        • Made the non-profit resilient – able to overcome potential emergencies, disasters and business disruptions –
          • by guiding management and staff to implement ERG’s recommendations.
        • Abilities United, Palo Alto, CA Board of Directors   (Voluntary)                  2008-2016
        • Assured agency flourished despite loss of 20% of State funding
          • by inspiring and coaching departmental managers to align across silos,
          • to explore viewpoints and methods outside their comfort zones,
          • and to collaborate on social enterprises.
        • Resolved 28 health and safety issues for disabled clients
          • by investigating nature and degree of problems,
          • clarifying priorities,
          • and working with Board and departmental managers to create effective solutions.
        • Ensured agency improved and expanded its services
          • by chairing task force and committee on strategic plans,
          • chairing Operations Review Committee
          • and Aquatic Long-Term Options Task Force,
          • and serving on Re-Development Task Force.
        • Used Avatar processes to ensure Committee and Board meetings were
          • calm,
          • effective,
          • and productive.
        • American Red Cross – Silicon Valley Chapter and San Mateo Chapter      2007- 2016

Volunteer: Coordinator for Mentoring, DAT Captain, Sheltering Supervisor; Health and Safety Instructor.

  • Engaged 15% more volunteers for Chapter
    • by organizing, coaching, and leading a mentoring program: acclaimed by Executive Director and Board as major success.
  • Inspired key people to collaborate in new Chapter
    • by resolving conflicts between people from two disparate, culturally-distinct, former chapters during merger.
  • Led more than 15 focused teams to aid clients effectively and compassionately
    • in responses to local and national disasters,
    • by coaching members of each team while in action.
  • Lauded for ensuring major planning meetings were calm, effective, and productive.
  • Toastmasters District 4, SF Peninsula, CA                                                      2005-2016

(Volunteer) Club President, Area Governor, Coach.

  • Motivated a failing club at an IT firm to succeed
    • by coaching and inspiring members
    • to align purpose, mission, and activities.
  • Coached and inspired officers and members of 5 individual clubs,
    • 4 of them at IT firms,
    • so as to lead the Area to be Distinguished.
  • Coached a club that had failed with an earlier coach
    • to align to high-performance
    • and achieve in five months Select Distinguished status, the second highest club award.
  • Star’s Edge International, Orlando, SF Bay Area, Licensed Avatar® Master      2005-2016
  • Used skills and tools of robust technology of consciousness (tools to control your own mind)
    • to coach others in self-discovery,
    • self-empowerment
    • and self-knowledge,
    • and to forge aligned and effective teams.
  • Guided several hundred people
    • to acquire skills and tools
      • to succeed enjoyably in aspects of career, finances, health, and relationships
        • which they had not found enjoyable or successful,
        • by coaching
        • and by working in and aligning numerous groups and teams.
      • AMA/RWJohnson Foundation/Northwestern University Program in Education for Physicians (Professionals) in End-of-life Care (EPEC): New York, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada Trainer of Trainers (Facilitator)                                                      1999-2006
      • inspiring faculties to facilitate 20 EPEC Programs in 5 states.
      • Improved 12 NY Programs by writing and facilitating modules
        • on Cultural and Spiritual Diversity
        • and on Stress Reduction for the Practitioner
      • Volunteer Firefighter, Cazenovia, NY                                                              2003 –2005
      • Certificates as Emergency Vehicle Operator,
      • Basic Firefighter,
      • Propane Emergencies,
      • Highway Safety in Fire and Rescue Operations.

Consultant practice in neurology, medicine, end-of-life care, and research and teaching: Boston, Bethesda, Los Angeles, Shreveport, Syracuse,                                  more than 15 years  

Associate Professor of Neurology at UCLA and LSU; Founding Chief of Neurology Service, of Hospital Based Home Care Outpatient Program, and of Geriatric Outpatient Program, at VAMC Shreveport; Lecturer in Medical Humanities at SUNY Upstate Medical Center, Owner of Neurological Consultations

  • Enabled modern NY State law for dying people
    • by developing consensus from divisive conflict on Bioethics Committee of the Medical Society of NY
    • so Medical Society gave unanimous opinion
      • to Legislature
      • and Governor’s office.
    • Saved 4-fold ROI annually for medical center
      • in reducing re-admission rates from 20 per month to almost none,
      • by aligning and coaching multi-disciplinary team to use modern treatments.
    • Authored 89 original medical/scientific communications on diseases, medical ethics, improved quality of practice, and patient advocacy,
      • by forming >30 aligned teams of physicians, scientists; medical, graduate, and college students, and physician-extenders:
        • teams doing clinical, educational, and research activities;
        • and coaching teams and members to work humanely.
      • Ensured >150 terminal patients got quality of life and treatment they preferred
        • by coaching
        • and resolving conflicts among families
          • and healthcare staff over
            • dogma, uncertainty and guilt.
          • Produced modern, scientifically-based, humane driving regulations about health in NY State
            • by creating consensus from conflicts on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Medical Advisory Board
            • and coaching Board members.
          • Coached and tutored 50 – 60 medical students on improving inter-personal relations so they discussed divisive political and ethical medical topics with respect for opposing opinions.
          • Inspired more than 20 teams of physicians to effectiveness and quality in treating acute illnesses of artists so latter could perform.
          • Enabled more than 200 performers to continue their profession
            • by coaching them to avoid stress
            • and reduce stresses that lead to disabling problems.
          • organized International Symposium of 125 participants
            • raised funds
            • and ran Symposium smoothly
            • coached authors to write clearly and concisely
            • for first book on pathophysiology and treatment of Inherited Ataxias,


  • BA with Honours and MA, Oxford University, Oxford (Medicine and Animal Physiology, largely neurophysiology and biochemistry).
  • MD cum laude, Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • Intern, Assistant Resident, Harvard II & IV Medical Services, Boston City Hospital
  • Resident and Research Fellow, Department of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Training in Clinical and Laboratory Research, Clinical Associate, Neurology Service, NINDB, NIH
  • Fellowship as Guest Scientist, Neurology Service, NINDB, NIH: Neurochemistry and Neurology
  • Consultant, then Coordinator for Internal Medicine, Anacostia Center for Medical Services, Washington, D.C.
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Neurochemistry, Mental Retardation Program, Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA School of Medicine
  • Multiple courses in management at VAMC, Shreveport
  • Trained to train other trainers (facilitation method), EPEC Program
  • Selected to co-facilitate with National Training Team of EPEC Program.
  • Training and experience in mitigating and responding to disasters and emergencies,
    • Cazenovia Volunteer Fire Department
    • and Cazenovia Area Volunteer Ambulance Corp
  • Multiple courses from American Red Cross.
  • Facilitation Skills Workshop (ProMatch, Nova/Connect)
    • then Facilitator/Co-Facilitator for 5 Facilitation workshops
    • and, as Co-Lead, multiple Problem-Solution-Results-Resume workshops
  • Courses from Star’s Edge International, Altamonte, FL in robust, well-validated technology of consciousness — Avatar®
    • that improve interpersonal skills,
    • reduce stress,
    • support creativity in others,
    • align teams,
    • inspire groups and individuals to success,
    • and produce transformational leadership,
  • Establishing aligned teams
  • coaching, mentoring, teaching, and tutoring
    • basic science,
    • laboratory research (biochemical, genetic, toxicologic, pharmacological, monoclonal antibodies),
    • basic clinical matters,
    • specialized clinical matters,
    • patient care,
    • medical research and medical ethics for >30 years
      • at medical schools,
      • in hospitals
      • and in offices.
    • Facilitating open, clear, honest communications to improve end-of-life care for more than 10 years in 20 EPEC programs.


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