What We Do and How


Pieter Kark - WebRes-0755


Pieter Kark, MD, is the Founder and CEO

Marika H O’Baire-Kark, MS, MFA is the Chief Avatar® Officer.

Our methods vary

  • with the problem,
  • personality and needs of the key people in the conflict.
  • we explore the problem with you
  • then spend a day or so feeling out conflicts you have pointed out.
  • then decide together with you how best to improve and resolve the problem
  • We use tools o consciousness , questioning, and intuition
    • to explore the underlying problem(s).
    • to determine an effective solution:
      • which content,
      • methods,
      • and techniques will be effective
    • we collaborate with you and the team or key person you ask us to help,
  • We’re happy to teach you our methods, so you can handle future problems in your company at a cost far less than having BTS return.


  • Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology (PK)
  • Certified in Nursing Mental Health and Med-Surg Nursing (MOK)
  • Licensed Avatar® Masters
  • Trainers in Cultural Differences
  • Facilitators and Presenters of Seminars and Workshops
  • Editors and Writers

See “Resume” page, Career page, Curriculum Vitae  and  LinkedIn profile.

Avatar® is a registered trademark of Star’s Edge, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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