Consulting for Conflicts

Business Team Solutions

Resolve Your Company’s Fall-off in Productivy or Profits                                                                                        

Founder, CEO

Pieter Kark - WebRes-0755

Pieter Kark, M.D

Marika O’Baire-Kark, MS, MFA Chief Avatar® Officer

Our process is:

  1. discover,
  2. reflect,
  3. validate,
  4. correct,
  5. collaborate with you to resolve the issue.

Our approach and background are distinguished from others’ by Pieter’s learning medicine with honors at Oxford and Harvard, by his 4 decades of experience resolving conflicts in medical organizations,  and by  his certification in psychiatry-neurology; and by Marika’s 4 decades of teaching nursing with certification in Mental Health and Med-Surg nursing, and by both of us having training in the Avatar® skills of consciousness.


Abilities United
Board of Directions

American Red Cross
Silicon Valley Chapter

Toastmasters International

District 4 (San Francisco to Monterey); Toasters-R-Us

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Licensed Avatar® Master

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 Contact us at 650-762-6755 or for more information or to start a conversation.

 Pieter Kark, MD, Central Florida (near Orlando)

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