Benefits of Business Team Solutions


Consider a man in his 30s, the CEO of a company that was doing well. He sees profits are not rising as fast as they were. His concerns are likely to be

  • how to stop further decline;
  • how to regain lost profits
  • how to get enough additional profit to protect against future drop.

We at Business Team Solutions (BTS) have found the most likely cause of the sluggishness is an internal conflict.

  • If so, resolving the conflict will likely stop any future decline.
  • It is likely to help regain lost profits.
  • It may help increase profits even further.

What do we do?

  • Often, a company’s C-Suite and Board are too close to the problem to see the conflict.
  • BTS comes for a day or two.
  • We first find out the CEO’s or Board Chair’s to view of what is happening
  • We ask them about additional possibilities.
  • We spend the day talking to managers and staff to explore what may be going on.
  • That evening, we meet again with the CEO or Board Chair
    • to discuss our findings
    • to decide together with them how best to
      • improve matters
      • and resolve the issue.

While each internal conflict is unique, in our experience they usually fall into one or more of 9 categories.

  • Non-productive Board meetings:
    • Circumventing egos makes meetings productive
  • Emotional situations:
    • an excellent technician
    • who is promoted to manage the team
    • needs to learn to recognize emotions
      • when the team comes with problems at home
      • when the team comes with problems at work
    • Polarized disagreements in Executive Committees:
      • The more the two sides argue
      • The more each side digs in its heels.
    • Unproductive teams:
      • New teams can’t decide what to do
      • Established teams have lost their way
    • Mergers:
      • Everyone worries.
      • Some disagree with their new peers
    • Splits:
      • Who will be fired?
      • What will the new companies be like?
      • How will customers react?
    • People who stop contributing:
      • Some causes and reasons are easy to resolve
      • But hidden agendas
        • are dangerous to the organization
        • are more difficult to resolve
      • The beatings will continue until morale improves:
        • The neurological basis for staff shutting down
        • When managers disdain them
          • Accidentally
          • Deliberately
        • Gaps in culture:
          • Why these must be addressed
          • How to recognize them
          • How a specialist team
            • Analyzes them
            • Collaborates with you to improve them

BTS only stays

  • Until you tell us the issue is resolved.
  • We are not going to be a permanent burden on your budget.

Other issues are likely to arise at your company in the future – at any company.

  • We offer to teach your leaders how to resolve this themselves.
  • Our fees for teaching are a fraction of the cost
  • Of BTS returning to resolve a new issue.


Illustrations in my blogs are either my own drawings or courtesy of

 Contact me at 650-762-6755 or for more information or to start a conversation.

Pieter Kark, MD, Central Florida (near Orlando)


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