Blog 10B. Finding and Resolving Gaps in Culture


[This continues the discussion from Blog 10A]

The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) is done twice by the leaders of the company: 1) how do they perceive the company? 2) where they would like the company to be?

OCAI measures

  1. Dominant Characteristics
  2. Organizational Leadership
  3. Management of Employees
  4. Organizational Glue
  5. Strategic emphases
  6. Criteria of success

This delineates four types of culture:

  1. The Clan Culture held together by loyalty or tradition.

Leader Type: facilitator, mentor, team builder.

Value Drivers: commitment, communication, development.

Theory for Effectiveness: human development and participation.

Quality Strategies: empowerment, team building, employee involvement, communication.

  1. The Adhocracy Culture being at the leading edge.

The organization’s long term goal is growth and acquiring new resources. Success means gaining unique, new products or services. It’s important to be a leader in products or services. It prizes individual initiative and freedom.

Leader Type: innovator, visionary.

Value Drivers: transformation, agility.

Theory for Effectiveness: innovation, vision

Quality Strategies: surprise, new standards, anticipating needs,

continuous improvement, creative solutions.

  1. The Market Culture hard-driving competitiveness

Leader Type: competitor, producer

Value Drivers: market share, profitability

Theory for Effectiveness: aggressive competition and customer focus

Quality Strategies: customer preferences, improving productivity,

external partnerships, competitiveness.

  1. The Hierarchy Culture formal rules and policies.

Leader Type: monitor, organizer.

Value Drivers: efficiency, consistency, uniformity.

Theory for Effectiveness: control and efficiency

Quality Strategies: measurement, control, problem solving, quality tools.

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