Blog 10A. Finding and Resolving Gaps in Culture


This blog is based on summations by Eric Doner, President of, with his permission. AchieveCorp resolves cultural gaps in companies.

Dean Richard Lyons at UC Berkeley points out that resolving gaps in a company’s culture is expensive. Dean Lyons emphasized:

  • Culture is the opportunity for differentiation.
  • Your culture is your product.
  • Great companies are intentional about culture.
  • Your culture reflects guidance to individuals and of teams.
  • Leaders set culture.
  • Team leaders set their team’s sub-culture.

The first step in resolving gaps in culture is a Gap Analysis. AchieveCorp analyzes cultural gaps when its experts visit a company. The team looks at the company as a whole (Corporate CultureMapTM ); at its major silos, levels, and teams (Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument); and at the workgroups and working teams (WorkTraits). Each tool is well validated.

AchieveCorp’s team have expertise in improving culture. The executives and managers of companies we work with are the experts on the company and its business.

The Corporate CultureMap™ measures ten dimensions of culture:

  1. Compelling Purpose.

2.Authentic Leadership

3.Clear Objectives & Expectations

4.Adequate Skills & Resources

5.Energizing Environment

6.Pervasive Productivity

7.Joyful Engagement

8.Cooperative Teamwork

9.Rewards and Recognition

10.Development Opportunities


The discussion will continue in Blog 10B.


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