Blog 9E. “The Beatings Will Continue until Morale Improves”


[This continues the discussion from Blog 9D.]

Managers and executives beware. The more people perceive threats, the worse. The more dysfunctional executive teams are, the worse. The more executives ignore Goldsmith’s warnings, the worse.

The worse? Behavior deteriorates throughout the company. It takes longer to restore brains to neutral, let alone to a creative state.

You can protect yourself and your subordinates from automatic fight-or-flight by learning tools of consciousness, as I discussed in earlier blogs.

Neurology implies executives, managers, and companies should create and preserve a positive atmosphere. Encourage people to explore, try things out, enjoy; encourage them to work as teams of friends. It means being sure supervisors at all levels support the best efforts of those who report to them, ask – even demand—honesty and integrity even if it hurts the supervisor’s feelings.

And when a supervisor makes a mistake and precipitates fight-or-flight in subordinates? Apologize as quickly, sincerely, and thoroughly as possible. This will go a long way to restoring peoples’ creativity and productivity.


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