Blog 8A. People Who Stop Contributing


People with valuable traits sometimes stop contributing to their company. The reasons fall into several categories.

  • The person has burnt out. They need rest or a change of task. They may need help dealing with burnout.
  • The person is upset by a perception that her or his advice is no longer valued. Discussions and coaching help.
  • The person misses a colleague who has left or has a problem away from work that uses up attention. Mentoring often helps.
  • The person has to care for a sick relative but worries that telling the company means a younger person will take the job. Reassure the person that experience, skills and wisdom bring value.
  • The person resents the company’s goals. They have a hidden agenda. Many a company has been destroyed by one person with one hidden agenda.

You or a facilitator should explore causes with the non-contributor.

[The discussion of a person with a hidden agenda will continue in Blog 8B.]



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