Recognizing an Internal Conflict in Your Company


What indicates an internal conflict?

Your company is no longer is productive. Its upward trajectory may have slowed. It may actually be flat or declining. There may be no other signs. Affairs in your company may appear fine. A hint of dissent or doubt in the general staff should increase your suspicions. Doubt or dissent among your managers and executives is a grave sign.

Sometimes the nature of the conflict is obvious. More often an insider – you – can only see one or two signs. My task is to explore what is happening or to teach you to explore it. We can resolve it once we put our finger on it.

Details of culture and personalities determine the nature of a conflict. They also determine the best resolution. Because details are unique to each company and also unique to the time the conflict takes place, so a series of blogs like this can only address common patterns and general rules of thumb.

A conflict with complex causes requires broader and deeper responses. It needs early interactions with the emotions and humanity of the people involved.

If the fall in productivity is due to cultural gaps, your company may need a team of consultants. They will explore the gaps by looking at several levels of organization in your company. They will need partner with your key executives, managers, and team leaders over one or two years to to correct your company’s culture. I will discuss this in a later blog.

Please contact me at 650-762-6755 or to ask questions, get more information, or start a conversation.

Pieter Kark, MD. San Mateo, CA 94401-2238

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