Conflicts within One’s Self

Some internal conflicts are with one’s self. Resolving this one showed me my life’s purpose.

It was a conflict between my arrogance as a neurologist and accepting that people who weren’t neurologists might know more about the brain and the mind than I did.

My wife Marika suggested we help deliver the Avatar® Course in 2005 in San Francisco near our new home. Avatar is a 9-day, experiential, non-religious course developed by an educator named Harry Palmer. The students learn tools of consciousness. By applying the tools, each student realizes that s/he is the source of their lives and their experiences. They can control their lives instead of being controlled by life’s happenings.  They can change attitudes, beliefs, and ideas that they feel no longer serve them. They create and strengthen attitudes, beliefs, and ideas that do serve them. Avatar Masters guide them in how to use the tools.

A student in his 80s arrived the evening before the course. He was paralyzed on the left side; a stroke some years ago, I guessed. He also had such difficulty turning his body that several times I got ready to catch him.   How could Avatar tools help someone who had a stroke and difficulty walking? Back then, neurologists thought that stroke symptoms which didn’t clear within a few months wouldn’t clear.

Near the end of the 9 days, there was a slight movement of the man’s left arm while another Master worked with him. Astounding! That wasn’t supposed to happen, I thought. But clearly it did, so Marika and I spoke to the Master leading the team. Over an hour, four of us took turns helping the man while he handled his beliefs with the exercises from Section 2 of the course.  At one point, we asked him to feel what the stroke was like when it started. His being changed into the look and feel of someone who had just come into an ER with a new stroke; quite different from the look and feel as little as a day later.

By the end of the hour, he moved his limbs smoothly and fluidly with good strength. He walked without a hint of falling. Some years later the man was still recovered.

Harry Palmer discovered that consciousness controls the mind and the brain. Changing consciousness can affect illnesses. The experience inspired me to commit to serving others, delivering the courses, and helping the shift from a competitive, selfish world towards an enlightened planetary civilization®.

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