Home: About Internal Conflicts

Are your company’s productivity or profits not as good as in the recent past?

There is an internal conflict needing to be resolved. Your C-suite and Board many be too close to see it. Let us spend at least a day with you to evaluate the problems and then decide with you how best to resolve it.

If we see that the problem needs a different set of skills, we’ll refer you to a consultant we trust.

When you decide the pain is resolved, let us go so your budget doesn’t have a permanent burden.

Then, if you’d like to do this yourself when another cycle comes in the future, we’ll gladly teach you!

Pieter Kark - WebRes-0755

More information is on the Blog here and on LinkedIn.

Questions? Let’s start a conversation: contact us at 650-762-6755 or pieterk@post.harvard.edu


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