Home: About Internal Conflicts

Are your productivity or profits getting sluggish?

Most likely lost profits will get restored with an internal conflict is resolved.

Your C-suite and Board many be too close to see it. Let us spend at least a day with you to evaluate the problems and then decide with you how best to resolve it.

Let us spend a day or two with you to evaluate the issue. Then you and we can decide together how best to improve and resolve it.

When you decide matters are improved, we’ll leave to your budget doesn’t have a permanent burden.

Then, if you’d like to do this yourself when another cycle comes in the future, we’ll gladly teach you! The cost will be far less than that of having BTS return to resolve another problem.

Pieter Kark - WebRes-0755

More information is on the Blog here and on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pieterkark/).

Questions? Let’s start a conversation: contact us at 650-762-6755 or pieterk@post.harvard.edu


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  1. This guy is spamming my website, now once every couple of hours. Please, is there a way to block any comments that are merely random letters of the alphabet? Sincerely Pieter


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